We strive to offer our patients the most accurate diagnoses. That’s why we’re always improving our techniques and technology, dedicating our practice to keeping up with advancements in modern dentistry. Evans Family Dental is proud to offer digital imaging and X-rays, as well as high-definition cameras for thorough dental evaluations.

Digital Imaging & X-Rays 

Digital imaging is a type of radiograph that allows us to see everything we can’t with the naked eye. Using digital imaging, we can detect cavities in between your teeth, determine bone density, and capture the full picture of your overall oral health.  

Digital imaging also offers us a detailed look at: 

  • Nerve & Root Structures 
  • Lesions (Cysts & Tumors)
  • Dental Trauma
  • Oral Fractures

Benefits of Digital Imaging & X-Rays 

Digital imaging allows us to use nearly 50% less radiation than normal X-rays and offers more precision than dental imaging of the past. But even so, we follow the proper health guidelines and only take digital images when necessary.  

Additionally, we can store images for quick and easy transfer to specialists, insurance companies, or for your personal record. This ensures that accurate information is being shared across the board and can be used to watch for changes over time. 

Benefits of Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are a very helpful tool that let us get up close and personal with your bite! An intraoral camera is small – sometimes, just a few millimeters long, and it takes clear and detailed images of your mouth, teeth, and gums. With these high-definition images, we’re able to catch even the smallest issues that could be missed by a regular examination.  

Just like digital images and X-rays, we can save the images captured by an intraoral camera to create a permanent record of your dental care.  

Benefits of Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are so much simpler for both you and the dentist. In the past, we would have to place a gooey material in your mouth and let it harden. This can often be a very difficult process for patients with a high gag reflex. With our iTero digital scanner, there’s absolutely no discomfort!

All it takes is easily moving the camera around the mouth to create a computer-generated scan of your teeth and we’ll be able to use it to create the perfect dental restorations faster than ever.

Benefits of Cone Beam 3D Imaging

With cone beam 3D imaging, we’ll be able to create complete 3D scans of your oral region to assist with the accurate placement of implants, planning extractions, and getting a detailed look at the full picture of your mouth.

Since the scan can easily be mirrored on our large screens, we’ll be able to show you exactly how we’ll be doing your procedure, so that you have a complete understanding of your current oral health and what to expect.

Learn More About Advanced Technology at Evans Family Dental

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