What are Dental Bridges & Partial Dentures?

A bridge is a dental device that fills the gaps created by missing teeth. Fixed bridges are permanently bonded, while partial dentures can be taken out for cleaning. Partial dentures can simply snap on and off with the use of metal clasps on your teeth.

Bridges can be fabricated from gold alloys, non-precious alloys, porcelain, or a combination of materials. They’re made by fusing a crown on either side of a replacement tooth (pontic), which then fills the gap of a missing tooth. Then, the crowns are fitted over the natural teeth on either side of the pontic for a stable result.

Getting a Dental Bridge

When it comes to missing teeth, restoration doesn’t just improve your appearance. Without proper restoration, over time your teeth can shift because of dental gaps, changing your facial structure, and putting you at risk for gum disease.

Additionally, lack of pressure that comes from talking and chewing on a daily basis can lead to bone density loss and gum recession. Bridges support your teeth, lips, and cheeks, helping you chew and speak comfortably, all while preventing a sunken appearance and wrinkles.

The procedure for attaching a bridge takes about two or three appointments. First, we’ll prepare your teeth on either side of the dental gap by shaving down as small a portion of the enamel and dentin as possible.

We then take impressions of your teeth to make sure the size and bite of the bridge will match. The impression is sent to the lab so your restoration can be made, and then we’ll attach the bridge, cemented over your natural teeth and filling the space of a missing tooth!

Need a Dental Bridge Restoration in Canonsburg?

Look and feel better than ever with a dental bridge! Contact us today if you would like to learn more about bridges, and if this kind of restoration is right for you.