Did you know that about 75% of Americans fear visiting the dentist with 20% avoiding dental care entirely? If you’re afraid of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. At Evans Family Dental, we understand dental anxiety and phobia. So, we aim to ensure you feel safe and at ease in our chair during every experience with us.

What’s the Difference Between Dental Anxiety & Dental Phobia?

Dental anxieties and phobias will vary depending on the person, meaning they can present in any number of ways. Dental anxiety can be as mild as getting nervous in the dentist’s chair. Or, it can be a fear of having a procedure done.

Dental phobia is considerably more intense, where you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of dental work. This can be debilitating for some people, causing them to avoid the treatment they need to restore their oral health.

What We Can Do to Help Your Dental Anxiety

Whatever your level of anxiety may be, we’re committed to making your visit comfortable, quick, and as painless as possible. We provide several solutions that can help ease your nerves.

A few popular methods we use to help you relax in the dental office are:


Telling us about your fears or concerns is the perfect place to start. Sometimes all you need is some more information about your treatment and the procedure. We’ll always make sure to communicate about what’s going on and why we’re doing it – before, during, and after your procedure.

Calming Techniques

You may find it helpful to try controlled breathing or focus your attention on something else besides the procedure. During your visit, try breathing deep for eight seconds, holding that breath for eight seconds, and then exhaling for eight seconds.

Listening to Music

With many procedures, it’s perfectly fine to listen to music with headphones. This could be a wonderful way to distract yourself, minimize the sound of dental tools, and remain calm during your treatment.

Taking Breaks

During the procedure, just let us know if you ever need to take a short break by signaling to us with your hand. We understand that sometimes dental treatment can be daunting and appreciate that you made the effort to come in!

Do Have Dental Anxiety or a Phobia of Going to the Dentist?

We want to make sure every experience at Evans Family Dental is positive! If you have questions or concerns about how we can help you overcome dental anxiety, contact us today and we’ll provide you with more information.